Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Goodness I didn't realize Its been over a year since I updated my blog!! Guess I better get on it if nothing else but for myself!! So much has happened! My goal is to get on it and update it and then post a lot more often!! Hopefully I will find a little motivation today after work!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Pictures

Brad's sister always has the cutest idea's for gifts, well for Valentines gifts she thought it would be fun to get pictures then give the boys gifts with our pictures. Lucky for us her cousin is amazing at pictures and does a little photography on the side so we had her take them for us. Here are a couple of the ones she took! Thanks B your the best!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas this year was fun! Everyone came to the house and except Devin we missed him! Hope he had a good Christmas in Mexico being a good little missionary!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

6 hour drive...

Six hour drive just to end up at the same place you started?? Yeah that is what we did Thursday. We went to meet Amber in Burley to pick up the boys so they would come down to Utah for a few days before Amber and Nick come down for Christmas. It was a long drive but well worth it. I sure do love those boys! And lucky Brad he even got to listen to a little LFO, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Nick Lachey, Pink, Spice Girls.... thanks goodness for Ipods with fun old music on it. I was having the time of my life.... Cami was laughing and Brad was putting up with it. He is a good sport most of the time! First time driving on the freeway... She was so nervous but she did a good job! Good job Cami!
Blake watching some Tiger and Friends... He is so freaking cute!

Jackson decided to be a dog and was scratching himself... he could not stop for the picture because that is not what dogs do...

$3 dollar tickets?

They boys have a roommate from Minn and the Jazz were playing the Timberwolves so the boys found some $3 tickets and we all went. It was some much fun. Thanks boys what a good idea!

Driving down there! Yes, he was driving but we needed a picture! :)

P A T refused to take pictures with Rudy so we did it our way!!!

Wait till he is not looking... well it still didnt work so this is the best we got! Hey Bob, how did his hat taste?This was not the first picture the two of them took... Jared gets impatient with how many pictures we take... Hence the beautiful look on his face.

JD didnt want to take pictures either but we were getting one anyway. Not really sure what was so funny...

In the car waiting... we were at the back of the parking lot so it took us a good half hour to get out. It was a fun game but the Jazz lost and P A T made sure to remind us of that all the way home!!!

Ugly sweater anyone????

For Brad's family party we decided to wear the ugliest outfits we could find... Thank you DI for dressing us!!! It was a fun night we got the funniest look and I felt like an old grandma. Not to mention we got matching necklaces and ear rings from Walmart... a bell with a huge bow on it.... Rudy even got told she looked real classy by someone... ha ha it took people a minute to realize we were not being serious with our outfits. Nice way to meet someones family for the first time right?The five of us, P A T, Rod, Rudy, Brad and I
Yes be jealous of the almost matching ugly sweaters....
Rudy and I she is so freaking cute.

Doing the white elephant game... Brad has the best part here cuz I got ahold of some hairspray... ha ha he was not to happy about it!
The beautiful picture that Rod won... Yes don't you worry it went to good use. They hung it in the front room of their house...
It was a fun night full of laughing and funny looks. Once again thanks DI for the beautiful outfits!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The joys of Halloween season!!! To get ready for all the fun we went over to Ty and Carries to carve pumpkins and decorate Halloween houses.... After many many long hours the fun was over and it was well worth it!!!
Look at the focus on Ted and Ty's faces... when ever those two are around each other there is some type of competition.... However with sharp knifes and little kids involved maybe not such a good idea to give them both a knife and pumpkin at the same time....

Carrie, Ty, Riley, Kalie, Kielee, Kaden and I scooping out the insides while Ted plays camera man!

Gotta show off all the insides your digging out! She is so freaking cute and so much fun!

Trying to get kaden to eat a raw pumpkin seed the look on his face when he finally did was priceless!!! Kielee was dead set on helping Ted cut out the face she drew and was not having it any other way... Good job babe it takes skills to cut out faces like that :) Kaden and Ted showing off the scary face Kaden drew for Ted to carve!

This is where the fun all began with the houses... I think I laughed harder when Ted, Carrie and me were trying to get the base together then I had in a long time... If you will notice our house Ted put supports on there till it hardened.(don't worry he doesn't do construction for a living or anything ha ha ha) and Carries was built a little off her house has a overhang on the right side only... It was strategically built that way... for what reason you ask... I'm not really sure... cuz that is how it ends up when you are the only one building it I suppose!

Carrie getting everything ready.... Carries house with the overhang.... Our house with the supports! ha ha ha thanks Ted Kalie and Riley decorating their house...
Just getting started on the fun of decorating the Halloween houses....

I'm not really sure who was more into it Ted and I or Kaden and Kielee... thanks for the reminder Carrie that it was for the kids not us!
Hard at work....

Ted and Kaden so proud of their work so far!

Kielee putting on as much candy as possible...

And when we were done decorating you gotta finish it off can't waste anything....

So maybe we ate just a little of the black frosting.... Talk about a sugar high....

The Finished Project

So so so much fun! Thanks for the invite over Ty and Carrie....